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FREE Classroom Layout and Design
Contact us or call 888-335-2775 for a FREE Classroom Layout and Classroom Design!  We provide a 3D model and Furniture & Equipment List, FREE!  Jonti-Craft-Furniture can provide you with a complete classroom layout of products from dramatic play to furniture to activity tables and chairs and much more.  Below are Sample Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment Lists and Classroom Designs for various Classrooms
Classroom Design Test Your Classroom I.Q.

Q. Where’s the best place to put a teachers’ desk – and why?
The teacher’s desk should be located by the door for security purposes. The desk location should allow them to monitor who enters and leaves the room.

Q. What’s the smartest place to situate a reading area?
A. By placing the reading nook near the window, you allow children to read using natural light which is easier on the children’s eyes.

Q. Can you indentify the ideal location for lockers?
. Lockers should be placed near the door to keep the weather (mud) from being tracked through the entire room.

Q. What’s another use for storage units besides storage?
. Storage units can do double-duty as dividers to separate different areas of the room.

Q. Why should art easels and sensory tables be near each other?
. Placing messy activities near each other (near a sink if possible) will help keep the room more tidy.

Q. Can you name the best activities to place next to a dramatic play area?
Keep noisy, interactive areas adjacent to each other (i.e., blocks or music near dramatic play)





Free Classroom Design Templates
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Free Classroom Design

FREE Classroom Design